Our Story

Our story

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HOPE was founded by parents who suffered the gut-wrenching pain of discovering that their child has life-threatening cancer and the uncertain journey of recovery. Every feature of HOPE is derived from their experience and the experience of many other families that are left broken, by Paediatric Cancer.
Cancer among children is becoming increasingly common and while developed countries are achieving higher rates of recovery, countries like India are suffering due to the lack of proper information, inconsistent treatment protocols, lack of specialist doctors, meagre infrastructure, lack of financial support and many other factors that deeply hinder recovery. It is nearly impossible for economically challenged families to navigate.
Realising the need for a radical change in the scenario, the founders of HOPE brought together world-class doctors, trained volunteers, skilled social workers and partnered with renowned hospitals to provide holistic solutions that include: residential facilities for child and parent, coverage of medical expenses, transportation facility for treatment, providing prescribed medication and nutritious food to the patients, psychological support to the entire family through counselling, occupational therapy, round the clock care etc. The aim is for families to know that there is HOPE, even at the darkest moment and that we can get through this together.


“A world where no child has
to lose their childhood to cancer”

Out of 14 districts in Kerala,
5 HOPE HOMES established in various district
90 % of the fund utilized
for patient care