Hope Care works to create awareness about cancer in children through holding camps and conferences to develop cancer awareness amongst the public to ensure that every parent knows the disease and how to thrive.

It also creates a child-friendly environment in the hospital and acts as a supportive care system for the child and the family.



Bundle of Hope

A small gesture of support and kindness goes a long way to bring a smile and ease the pain considerably because a holistic approach to childhood cancer care involves much more than medicine and treatment

The kits with a bag of essentials are distributed to the family of children admitted to the pediatric oncological facility. Getting through the initial days is a boon, especially to those coming from a long way for their child's treatment in a new and unfamiliar environment. Many bags have been distributed to date, and it has been a 'bundle of hope' for parents.

Hope is committed to bring smiles to the children being treated of cancer. A bag filled with activity books, colouring kits, soft toys and many more fund stuff is sure to brighten up their days.

The “bag of joy'' as we call it, is a cute little bag filled with colouring books, stationery items, storybooks, and other comforting things for the children of HOPE undergoing cancer treatment. Armed with the magic of creativity, this bag will surely encourage the children to explore the world of colours and adventure through their imagination, during the most uncertain times in their lives and the painful treatment procedures.

It gives the children the potential for normal growth, development and quality of life during extended oncologic treatment. Malnutrition and undernutrition is a common complication of pediatric malignancy and its treatment.

The nutricare program aims to improve treatment tolerance and reduce the infection by providing adequate nutritional support.

Under our Nutricare program, Hope gives nutritious meals every day under the supervision of a pediatric-onco nutritionist. It provides nutritional counseling to cancer-diagnosed children in hospital wards, who reside at HOPE Homes and short-stay homes.

HOPE is planning to add more supplements to children under the severe acute malnutrition ( SAM) and Moderate Acute Malnutrition ( MAMA) category.

At home, we have families traveling great distances to treat their children from cancer. Their dream is to see their children survive and have a great future.

Contribute to our share your meal program to ensure that each family during the treatment schedule gets an option of having cooked meals or get a bag of ration for a month, to cook their meal.