How We Work

How We Work

  1. The First Step

    Hope has initiated a hotline number for families to reach out for help. A constant social media presence is also maintained to spread awareness and educate the public about the cause, this leads to many referral calls from the Hope circle. Cases are also referred by members, doctors or social workers who are part of Hope

  2. Registration

    The registration process is completed for requests that fall into any of the following categories:

    • Newly diagnosed children, whose families are unable to provide for proper treatment.
    • Children on the verge of discontinuation of treatment because the families do not have the means to support it.
    • Children undergoing treatment, whose families are unable to manage the financial burden of relocation and related expenses.
  3. Background Check

    The Hope team ensures that its services are availed by those who are truly in need of it, by conducting a background check to verify the details furnished at the time of registration.

  4. Dedicated Health Worker

    Based on location and compatibility, a dedicated, trained and qualified health worker is assigned to each case. This person will act as the channel of communication between Hope and the parents. The health worker will be available to the parents at any time, for any communication and he/she will coordinate with the hospital and other health services to ensure that the treatment goes as per plan.

  5. Expert Panel Analysis

    At the beginning of the process and periodically, the Hope expert panel that includes management, health workers, doctors and other experts, reviews each individual case to arrive at the best treatment plan and to ensure that the child gets the right care at the right time.

  6. Service Allocation

    Once the action plan is charted by the expert panel, Hope offers all relevant services to the child and their family to make sure that the child gets utmost care, the right nutrition, appropriate medical attention and the environment necessary for recovery.