Hope Home


Hope Homes are a home away from home for families affected by pediatric cancer to enhance the survival rate with a child-friendly and hygienic atmosphere.

The homes enable parents to fully commit to the treatment and recovery process without worrying about accommodation, transportation, etc., while ensuring that the children receive every possible facility to return to a 'normal' life after rehabilitation.

Hope homes provide short, and long-term stay facilities for the child and their parent or guardian with a lively, relaxed environment full of recreational opportunities and celebrations. Doctor-prescribed nutrition, supplements, and medicines are given per each child's requirement.

Children are homeschooled, and Hope also facilitates admissions to regular schools post-treatment. The availability of trained volunteers and resident healthcare professionals ensures that the children are constantly monitored and cared for through regular counseling sessions.



A home is one of the most effective support systems for affected families. By sponsoring a room, you can enable parents to fully focus on their child’s recovery without any financial burden.

Sponsor Benefits – (Annual Sponsorship)
  • Prominent display of brand name in the sponsored rooms.
  • The company will be included as a partner for all the endeavours of Hope Homes for that particular year.
  • The company’s branding will be included in merchandise, social media platforms, and other communication planned during this time.
  • The many well-wishers of Hope, who keenly follow our activities directly or through social media become a very receptive audience for your act of kindness.
  • you can also opt to sponsor a room for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months without the above mentioned benefits.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, the entire family suffers. Anxiety, financial difficulties, and fear that begin with the diagnosis worsen over time. Sharing the struggle with other families who have survived or are in the process of healing is one of the most effective forms of support.

The Hope Parents Support Group aspires to provide a network of interdependent support for impacted parents. The group comprises highly motivated parents who have experienced comparable circumstances; as a result, they can offer exceptional care and support that other volunteers and well-wishers cannot. These parents become confidants and pillars of support for parents experiencing difficulties by sharing their experiences and the knowledge they have gained through experience.

This group promotes the well-being of adults with cancer as children/teens. The group offers an informal, comfortable space for peers. Through various social, recreational, and educational activities, the group acts as a support system for each other. Group meeting themes revolve around nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, improving sleep, art therapy, and game nights.

Childhood cancer halts a child's formative years of growth. At Hope, we ensure kids keep learning and are prepared to pick back up with their peers in the classroom. Your contributions will help us home-school them and provide excellent educators, counselors, supplies, and everything else they need for a bright future post-treatment..


Our Location

Near Calicut Medical College

Near Malabar Cancer Center

Near MVR Hospital, Mukkam

Near Amrita Hospital and Aster Medicity

Near Amala Hospital

Near RCC Hospital